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Our Mission is to further the well-being of the planet through the application of vibrational and energetic medicine and to provide unparalleled support, education and resources to practitioners and clients so that together we can empower and effect healing for the greatest number of people possible, and in so doing, participate in the global rise of consciousness.


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Gail is a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist/Practitioner in Energy Medicine, certified through the Natural Therapies Certification Board as well as a licensed Spiritual Health Coach.  She is currently studying for her Doctor of Naturopathy degree with the Trinity College of Natural Health.  Gail has been working in this field since 2005 and opened her office, Life Force Energies,  in 2007.  She is also a distributor of Dr. Recommends Homeopathic formulas and Young Living Essential Oils.

Gail came into the biofeedback profession having had chronic back pain for 13 1/2 years. She had sought relief from osteopaths, general practitioners and specialists. Biofeedback was brought to her attention in 2004. She made an appointment, and the next day after her session, she was considerably better. After two or three more appointments, and by continuing to take care of herself and giving her back time to heal itself, she was no longer in pain and all of her flexibility had returned.

Since that time, and because she had always been interested in non-traditional and alternative healing, she decided to venture into the world of energetic medicine. Gail’s passion is to help others who are in pain and suffering - although all parts of biofeedback are fast becoming increasingly interesting. If Gail can help anyone attain a better quality of life through stress, pain management and relaxation training, then that is her goal. She will also strive to act as a liaison and to work cooperatively with physicians to integrate all types of healing to help each client attain health and longevity.