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"I’m So Stressed Out!"
By Gail Kelly, QBS, SHC

I hear this a lot in my quantum biofeedback business. People complain, "I am so stressed, anxious, and nervous all the time and I can’t sleep because my brain won’t shut off." We are all so busy that I sometimes quip back to my clients, "Stop the world, I want to get off," as if the world were a ride at the amusement park and we had a choice. Funny thing is, we do have a choice. It is important to pause, reflect, and decide what your priorities are and what you can let go of either temporarily or for good. It may mean training someone else in the family or at work to do what you do (for example: children to do their own laundry or a co-worker to take on more responsibility). Yes, this means letting go of "control." And, they may not do it right at first.

People who are chronically stressed, can suffer from weight gain, high blood pressure, and headaches, as well as more serious side effects such as poor digestion, heart attacks and strokes. Stress can have a tremendous impact on our health now and in the future. So what else can we do about it?

With the holidays and winter weather nipping at our heals, it is even more important that we do not delay or put off taking care of our health. Even though there might be a lot on your plate right now, think of how full your plate will feel when you are sick or in the hospital on a mandatory vacation. Try to start thinking creatively about the things that bring you joy and make you smile. Would it be a walk in nature? Would it be to delve into a mystery novel? Could you perhaps put on some of your favorite slow listening music while you relax in a chair or on the couch? Even take a nap? Whoa, I can hear people laughing at me now and see the mouths dropping open at the absurdity of these suggestions. My clients say, "I don’t have the time NOW, where am I going to find time to do this?" However, prioritizing at least 30-minutes of time for yourself each day is a must. Your brain will always be able to come up with more excuses for why you shouldn’t do things now. Use that same brain to rethink your to-do list. Perhaps you can cut down the Christmas card list this year, put out less decorations, donate to charities instead of buying and wrapping gifts.

When cortisol builds up in the body due to stress, it decreases insulin sensitivity in the body. If the body cannot regulate this, then it cannot regulate its blood sugar levels. Diabetes anyone? Overweight anyone? It’s time to put eating right and exercise on the list of priorities. I once heard Tony Danza (from Taxi television show fame) say that he got up at 4:30 every morning to have his one hour of "alone" time and to exercise. I do this too...most mornings.

Hypnosis and guided imagery CDs can help a great deal to reduce stress. Take a yoga class, learn meditation, enjoy aromatherapy, and learn to relax. Biofeedback is another way to do this. Office visits usually last about 1.5 hours. Using signals from your brain and a sophisticated reactive feedback device, the system trains the body to release stress and to feel less stressed, and in most cases, less pain as well. Biofeedback can help to balance your body’s hormones, help with insomnia, manage hypertension, your weight and other day-to-day stressors. Give spa, yoga or biofeedback gift certificates to those you love, and don’t forget to ask Santa for one for yourself! For more information on this and other methods of relaxation, please visit QuantumHealthSite.com, part of the Innovative Health Network.

Enzymes-The Key To Vitality!
By Gail Kelly, QBS, Life Force Energies and
The Innovative Health Network

Are you tired of feeling tired? Many of us are, so I’d like to ask you to think of your body like you do your car. If your car was built to only use high octane gasoline, would you expect to get the most from it by using a lower octane? No, of course not. Similarly, our bodies are meant to use enzymes to create energy for us. Let me explain. Enzymes are found in every living cell; therefore, in all live foods. Without enzymes, we cannot digest and assimilate or absorb the foods that we eat. If we are not absorbing the nutrition in our foods, then we have no energy and no vitality!

A raw carrot has everything we need to digest it. Once we cook the carrot (And by the way, we’re the only mammals on Earth that cook our food.), we lose the enzymes, the catalysts that create the biochemical reactions in our bodies (energy). Think of enzymes as the construction workers in the body. We can have all the building blocks of vitamins and minerals sitting there, ready to be used, but without the construction workers, there is nobody to build the building or do repairs to organs and tissues.

So if we carry that thought through, many parts of our body that break down are due to lack of enzymatic activity. Our immune systems, for example, is weakened and can cause conditions like allergies, or connective tissue problems in our joints. Our brains don’t function and our nerves are shot. We feel stressed and even depressed. The body can, and does, make its own enzymes, but over time the bank becomes depleted and our bodies become mortgaged and sick. You might like to rethink your lunch time choice and vote for a big salad instead!

And for heavens sake chew, chew, chew! Most of us remember when we were growing up being told to chew our food. properly. Well the first part of digestion happens in the mouth. The smaller the food particles in the stomach, the more surface area the digestive juices have in which to work. One only needs to picture big chucks of apple, pizza or steak lying in the stomach or intestinal track to realize that not much digestion can happen there. Chewing food until it is paste breaks it down so that digestive enzymes can easily attack and break down the food. Chewing prevents feelings of heaviness, discomfort and bloating after meals. Try this quick experiment for yourself or with your kids. Cut a one-inch square of bread and place it in your mouth. Do not chew it and see what happens. Starches break down with saliva. The bottom line is this: If food spends more time in the mouth, we eat slower, fill up faster, digest better and feel more energy. All of this can equate to a healthy body.

Also worthy of note are some of the things that inhibit enzyme activity. They are: aspirin (all kinds), antibiotics, cleaning solvents, household cleaners, microwave radiation, and heating food over 120 degrees. Of course foods that are refined, packaged or fast also do not contain enzymes. Replace enzymes by eating raw foods, juicing or by supplementation. A health food store will have a good digestive enzyme to take before meals or go to QuantumHealthSite.com and click on the Young Living link. In the meantime, eat live foods to feel alive and vital again.

NATURAL HEALTH: Sunlight versus sun screen
The Alamogordo Daily News
Gail Kelly
Posted: 08/08/2011 10:02:26 AM MDT

Too much of a good thing can be bad. Sunshine can be rejuvenating or it can lead to sunburn. "Everything in moderation," my mother always said.

Let's take a look at the benefits of sunshine versus always slathering on sun screen.

It is believed that sunshine helps to regulate sleep patterns. Nowadays people spend most of their work day indoors with heating and air conditioning. This can have trouble sleeping if enough time isn't spent outdoors.

There is a medically induced fear of being out in the sun because of the risk of skin cancer. People have been strongly encouraged to stay out of the sun. Far more people die from low vitamin D caused cancers and heart disease than die from skin cancer. People get most of their vitamin D from the sun.

Wearing sunglasses also prevents the eyes from getting the light needed to maximize production of melatonin at night. Lack of melatonin is known to contribute to depression and seasonal affective disorder. It is a strong antioxidant, reduces cancer's ability to grow and stimulates the immune system to deal with disease and infection. Melatonin is a very desirable hormone. For other natural ways to stimulate the immune system, visit QuantumHealthSite.com.

So what about sun screen products then? Of course those who are not accustomed to the sun are likely to suffer from sunburns, sun or heat stroke if they are exposed for long periods. Such sensitive people should use hats and expose themselves only for five minutes daily at first and gradually increase their time outdoors. Be aware that sun screens may have many undesirable chemicals in them. A good rule to follow is: if the ingredients list is unpronounceable, the product should not be applied to the skin. Anything put on the skin will be absorbed into the blood stream and can be toxic. Search out a health store in town or online to find natural, safe sun screens and moisturizers, especially for children.

The very existence of life on the planet depends on the chemical utilization of sunshine. There are positive physiological as well as psychological effects to sunbathing. Naturopathic doctors regularly prescribe sun baths to kill bacteria and eliminate poisons in the body.

There a natural treatment for cancer, depression and ageing. Take a walk at lunch time to develop good light hygiene - the human body needs regular bright light.

"The most important decision you'll ever make is whether you decide to live in a Universe
that is supportive and friendly or one that is hostile and unkind." Albert Einstein

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