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Our goal is to empower clients by teaching them how to have a positive picture of themselves, their health and their future.


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Biofeedback is a non-invasive therapeutic technology that energetically scans the body, finding stresses and imbalances, and re-trains the body back to health by reducing the stressors that cause disease.

Biofeedback uses physiological signals from the client's own body to receive information about the body that our normal senses can provide. The SCIO (Quantum Biofeedback device) is a computerized instrument that uses sophisticated software, a very sensitive interface module, four straps for ankles and wrist and also a headband to communicate with 54 different electrical pathways that run through the body. Feedback of electrophysiological processes is given as relaxation signals to the client, effectively alleviating general stressors that otherwise block vital inner energy flow. The information is used to raise the level of awareness about functions and eventually to increase voluntary self control over functions such as heart rate, muscle tension, stomach acidity, skin conductance, respiratory rate/patterns, body position/joint angle, skin temperature or brain electrical or blood flow activity.

Electrical activity is essential for life. Every cell, even subatomic particles, contain tiny electric elements. Blood, electrical in nature, passes energy into each one of the body's cells, and energy is sent into the bloodstream via the endocrine and nervous systems. The SCIO uses the body's electrical system to locate stressors and to detect energetic aberrations and balance them automatically.

Biofeedback is FDA-approved and considered a safe technique. It is noninvasive and requires little effort. It does, however, require a trained and certified professional to control the monitoring equipment and interpret the changes. Many internists, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, and physical therapists are trained in biofeedback technique. Your doctor may refer you, or you can contact one of our certified specialists on your own.

Each client's biofeedback session is specifically geared to the outcome of their body's reactivity to a test of physiological responses. The system's software highlights the risk profiles and recommends therapies and procedures to be implemented during the stress reduction and pain management sessions.

The following therapies are facilitated by our trained professionals: Biofeedback Meridian Reactivity (related to Acupuncture Meridians), Cranial Sacral, Iridology, Brain Wave Training, Hyper Reactivity Training (relating to food or environmental allergies/sensitivities), TMJ and Dental stress, Rife frequencies, NLP Emotional Growth, Infection Reaction response and Immune Stimulation, Super-Learning, Muscle-Neurological and Spinal Re-Education, Homotoxicology and Homeopathy, and Injury or Diseased Tissue stress.

Other focused therapies include: Degeneration, Pain Management, Hypertension and Stress Management, Sleep and Relaxation Training, and Digestive issues.

Sports therapies include: Muscle Building, Injury, Flexibility, Coordination, Anti-Inflammation, Parasympathetic-Sympathetic and Autonomic Nervous Systems.

Anti-Aging therapies include: Adipose Tissue management (fat), Face Lift, Hair Color Restore, Anti-Balding, Vericose Veins, Hydration, Detoxification, Metabolic, Hormonal and Immune Stimulation.

Mind, Body, and Spirit therapies include: Chakra Balancing, Scalar program, Mind-Body Focus, Emotional and Biological Flow, Mental Visual Imagery, Stress Reduction, and Spiritual Relaxation Training.

Disclaimer: A friendly reminder that the SCIO is not designed to diagnose, heal or cure.
It is used for stress and pain management, brain wave training and muscle re-education.
If you have concerns regarding your health, please contact a Licensed Physician.