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Pain is a physical, emotional, mental, psychological or spiritual symptom of stress to the body, mind or emotions.

Physical pain can be caused by external and internal assaults on the body, especially by emotional stress. With overwhelming stress, the body's system reacts, often affecting the musculoskeletal system, and thus producing pain. Stress tenses muscles. Muscle contractions over extended periods of time can trigger various conditions along the spine and elsewhere. In addition, there are many toxins that exacerbate pain, such as sugar, chaotic electromagnetic frequencies, environmental pollutants, and some drugs. But one of the largest contributors to body pain is stress.

Life Force Energies Biofeedback Specialists help clients reduce their stress, re-train their muscles to relax, re-training the nervous system and physical responses, and to manage their pain.

Biofeedback has been acknowledged by leading researchers as an effective technology for pain management (Gatchell 2004, Biofeedback as an Adjunctive Treatment Modality in Pain Management; Eidelson 2005, Advanced Technologies to Treat Neck and Back Pain, A Patient's Guide).

Other, effective methods of pain management may be available with your doctor's consent. One of these is the use of therapeutic essential oils. Many clients have found immediate relief with one of Young Living's exceptional blends such as Deep Relief or PanAway or with a 100% pure oil such as Myrrh or Wintergreen. When pain is amplified by the stress of mineral deficiencies, Transdermal Magnesium Therapy or supplements may provide a pain management solution.

Disclaimer: A friendly reminder that the SCIO is not designed to diagnose, heal or cure.
It is used for stress and pain management, brain wave training and muscle re-education.
If you have concerns regarding your health, please contact a Licensed Physician.