"I have been receiving biofeedback sessions for about 3-4 years now.  When I first started, I did them sporadically, when needed, and then started doing them weekly working up to once a month now. The first few times I really didn’t feel much but then my body started to respond. Now with every session, even long distance ones, I can feel my body responding and greatly relaxing. Whatever symptoms or conditions Gail is working on for me, she always is professional and extremely knowledgeable in knowing what to do. When doing biofeedback, it makes a huge difference that you are going to someone that is very experienced, knowledgeable and intuitive to your needs and the biofeedback machine. Gail excels at this. I recently  injured my back and was unable to walk without the use of 2 canes, and even then with extreme sharp pain and leaning sideways. I contacted Gail and asked her to do a session for me and see what she could find. She let me know that afternoon that it looked like a pinched nerve and she worked on all the areas of pain. I could actually feel some relief. She has explained to me before that when you receive a biofeedback session, the body will continue to reboot itself with these new frequencies that stimulate healing over the next 3 days. This has always been true for me and usually by the 3rd day I feel so much better. Gail has used biofeedback sessions with me to help with many situations such as: tremors, back, hip, neck, shoulder and knee pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, flu, infections, parasites, depression and releasing emotions to name a few. Always with success!"
I can highly and lovingly recommend Gail Kelly as an extraordinary biofeedback specialist.
Love & Joy;
Lynn Dragoun

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